The spinal column is very important for the body because it protects it and it gives a proper support. That is why; we have to take proper care in order to avoid back damage.

If you sit for longer period of time there will be damage and pain to the spine and that is why we will give you few advices that will help you to stop further complications and to treat the pain.

The back damage can happen because of different factors, but if it happens because of prolonged sitting, it can lead to severe problems, including muscle, bones, discs and joints problems.

It is amazing to do certain exercises that will help you to treat the pain

This video will show you which exercises to do. They are suggested by Vytas Baskauskas, a yoga teacher and you will need just 2 minutes of your time every day, and you will have amazing effects!

You will need:

• 1 strap (or you can use a large cloth or a towel)
• A mat

Remember that the breathing technique is very important, because you will release the tension and you will relax your body. All these exercises will help you to improve the back condition and the vertebral column, which will treat the horrible pain.

You should try them out!