If you have problem with hemorrhoids, no matter how big the problem could be, there are few types and a lot of natural treatments which can help you with the bleeding, itching and pain as well.

In this article you can learn more about these different remedies which can work in different conditions and help you.

Garlic cloves

Take few garlic cloves and grind them. Blend them with olive or coconut oil and prepare small suppositories. If you want you can freeze them before you use them.

When you need one just place one in your rectum. These stings and you can even cry. It is a home-made remedy that will make your area numb, but it does not burn.

Clean underwear

Your underwear has to be clean and changed frequently. You should have additional pair with you, especially if you have problem with bleeding. Your underwear has to be loose cotton since it will prevent sweating which can cause itching.

Warm bath

Do this 15 to 20 minutes shower daily, three times a week. It is going to stop the tingling, clean the butt-centric hemorrhoids and crevices, and it will reduce the swelling. It is effective transitory treatment.

You should make the treatment after having a solid discharge. Sit in a shower or in a big bowl filled with salt and water. If you want you can use ocean salt, Epsom salt or cooking salt. This sitz shower may be purchased from a drug specialist and this way you will be able to shower while sitting on the toilet seat.

Stool softeners

You can use softeners such as ‘Colace’ that can help with defecation. It can help you to eliminate the straining that makes it more comfortable for passing stools. Your stool has to be too smooth if the hemorrhoids are swollen and bleeding. If they are not smooth, it can cause uneasiness and swelling.

Frequent clothing changes

Do not wear the same clothes for long periods especially if you like wearing pants. Be aware that feces, blood or mucus leakages could pass through your undergarments and soil your clothes. If this dries you will not be able to see them, but the germs will be left where you sit. These germs could be transferred by anyone who touches where you sat.

Ice cubes

They can be used in the following ways:

• Insert smooth and small ice cubes in your anus in order to cool the place and to reduce swelling.
• You can press them on external hemorrhoids in order to soothe them.

Aloe Vera

With a cotton wool, fingers or soft tissue you can massage the area with Aloe Vera. Begin with 3 applications daily and when you feel better; you can do it once daily. Aloe Vera will heal the place and give you a soothing feeling.

Witch hazel

Apply witch hazel with a cotton wool or soft tissue. Do that 3 times daily and when you feel better you can do it once in a day. A lot of people use this amazing remedy.

Foods that contains a lot of fiber

Raw and fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables contain a lot of fiber and you should eat them regularly. These fibers will reduce strain and they will soften your stool. Eating food with fiber is one of the oldest methods that people use in order to prevent hemorrhoids. If you want to prevent IBS and diarrhea, you should increase the fiber intake progressively.

Drink water

Water will keeps you hydrated and it also prevents your stool from becoming hard. You have to avoid sodas and colas since they contain caffeine which causes dehydration. If you want to flavor your water you should add oranges and lemons or other fruit of our choice.


Before you go to bed you should consume half tablespoon of nutmeg. Do the same when in the morning when you wake up. This is very effective for treating hemorrhoids.

Regular exercise

For improvement of digestion you have to be physically active. You do not have to exercise vigorously, walking is also a great option.