Gina Hodge, a curejoy expert, claim that onychomycosis, or toenail fungus, represents an infection of the toes, which often appears as a result of molds, fungus, or yeast. It represents one of the most frequent nail diseases and is a half of the entire nail abnormalities.

The nail fungus represents a discoloration of the nails, as well as brittle and thick nails. When the infection is at its advanced stages, on the area around the nail may appear yellow or white traces that may have bleak smell. Nearly 13 % of the Americans, or about 35 million people, suffer from toenail fungus.

There are a great number of medications used for the treatment of toenail fungus. However, if you want to avoid using medications and to use some more healthy treatments, here is a list of some natural home-made treatments given by the Ayurvedic treatment or home-treatments for toenail fungus.

• Tea tree oil – the tea tree oil consists of very strong anti-fungal properties, which are beneficial for numerous infections, such as the toenail fungus. You should apple the oil on the external side of the nail, and for people, who have sensitive skin; the tea tree oil may be distilled with mild oils, like the almond oil.

• Garlic – the garlic consists of a great fungicide, a natural allicin. To cure toenail fungal infections, you should apply essential garlic oil directly on the nail.

• Apple cedar vinegar and lukewarm water – It is used as a secondary treatment. To treat toenail fungus, you should apply a mixture of several teaspoons of apple cedar vinegar and ground rice flour on the nail infection.

• Olive leaves – the olive leaves are also efficient in the treatment of toenail infections, due to its anti-fungal properties.

• Tea tree oil and lavender oil- the combination of tea tree oil and lavender oil is great for the treatment of toenail fungal infections. The tea tree nail represents an antibiotic, whereas the lavender oil is effective for infections. It can be distilled with olive oil because they contain volatile substances.

• A combination of olive oil and oregano – It also represents a great home-made treatment for toenail fungal infections. Mix one tablespoon of olive oil and 2 drops of oregano. Then, apply the mixture on the infected nail, for about three weeks.

• Rubbing hydrogen peroxide or alcohol – An effective toenail fungal home-made remedy is soaking your feet into a combination of water and hydrogen peroxide (3 % solution) or rubbing alcohol. Leave them for about 20 minutes.

• Probiotic food – people who have toenail infections should consume kefir or yogurt.

• Turmeric- Apply combination of water and turmeric paste on the infected nail and leave it until it dries. Then, rinse the paste with water. It is believed to be an excellent cure for toenail infections.

• Onion – A very effective home-made treatment for toenail fungus represents the onions. You should only rub the infected nail with sliced or peeled onion.

• Vitamin E – You can also apply Vitamin E on the toenail infections once or twice per day. It will significantly boost the growth of the nail and to cure its infection.

Can we prevent the toenail fungal infections?

– Wash your feet every day and keep your nails dry and short.
– Old shoes should be treated with antifungal powders or disinfectants, or you should avoid them. They usually a place for fungus to develop.
– Buy shoes that reduce humidity.
– Do not walk barefoot in public places.
– Wash your hands thoroughly after touching the infected toenail. The fungal infections are easily transmitted from one nail to another one.