Take time to unlock the ‘muscle of your soul’
Do you spend too much time in front of the computer, in your car or on a plane? If this is the case your hips are probably locked up which has an impact on the dancing abilities, but the worst thing is that it can be leading to undue fear and stress. Psoas Muscle, which is long muscle in the lumbar area of your vertebral column and the brim of your pelvis is also called the “muscle of your soul”.

It’s among the largest in the body and this is a place where people usually store trauma or stress that can have a great impact on the mood and your outlook on life. Recently, there was a thorough examination of how much fear can interfere with our abilities to think clear, thereby creating an unhealthy life perspective that can significantly harm ourselves and people around us. Let’s see where this fear can be stored in the body, and a couple of ways to release it.

In our species, the extremes of the two poles can be described as FEAR (-) and LOVE (+). Conversely, growth is stunted by fear.

How accumulated stress can easily manipulate our lives

Being afraid makes us susceptible to manipulation. Politicians and advertisers learned to use this biological aspect of people called the lizard brain for their advantage. Sadly our modern fast lifestyles (mentally), mixed with the relatively sedentary lives (working on a computer, driving, etc.) make our bodies inefficient at releasing accumulated stress that manifests in our minds as anxiety or fear.

Lizard brain is that oldest part of our brain, or brain stem,which is responsible for the primitive instincts for survival like fear and aggression (flight or fight).

Where do we store the majority stress?

Stress is usually accumulated in one of the biggest muscles in the body, called the psoas. It stretches from the lower trunk throughout the hips in the top of the thighs, and its purpose is core stability and the reflex fight flight. Whenever we encounter something which startles us (perceived and real threat) like some animal crossing the street when we drive, or some violent movie scene, the brain sends signals to prompt our body to respond to this by releasing adrenaline (epinephrine).

The most central muscle for the fight/flight reaction is psoas. If we do not respond, those stress hormones don’t get spent and accumulate in our body. This can cause numerous health issues including insomnia, anxiety, decreased function of the immune system, eating disorders, living in fear or being alert and depression.

Since psoas is so closely involved in these basic emotional and physical reactions, and chronically tense psoas constantly signals the body that you might be in danger, which ultimately will exhaust your adrenal glands and exhausting your immune system. So while you learn to live in a world without such chronic tension, psoas awareness may open the door for a more sensitive adaptation to the inner signals of our body about danger and safety, and for a greater feeling of inner peace.

Therapeutic Approach

Because stress builds up unconsciously, healing your body is a process that needs to happen on a conscious level. There isn’t one way to implement this, it needs gradual changes of the lifestyle and everyday practice. Craniosacral therapy is very powerful because it can help us teach the body to relax in a parasympathetic state that relaxes our nervous system. Such non-invasive and gentle approach can help us gain greater awareness and eliminate the stress accumulated in us.

In order to work with your psoas this doesn’t mean controlling this muscle, but cultivating awareness which is needed for sensing the messages it sends. This includes creating a conscious choice to be somatically aware.

Personal practice and Yoga

The greatest doctor you need is within yourself. You can’t replace a practice that can heal, relax and replenish you both from the outside and the inside. There is a great number of yoga postures that will help you on this journey of releasing the stress, fear and anxiety accumulated in the psoas. Yoga called this muscle “the muscle of your soul” thus any focus on it will surely give you great results for your general well-being.

If you spend time to stretch the psoas muscle daily you will see great changes in your life. But, first you can start by catching attention on the dance floor, but what is more important you will relax your mind from the grips of anxiety and fear. It all comes down to having a conscious choice to be living with love and trust instead of having anxiety and fears, and this choice needs to be followed by real actions. Everything starts in yourself!