Technology helped us and we became wireless and do not use cables anymore. Now we are able to turn the TV remotely, watch over our babies with it and start a coffee machine. However, we are also exposed to unknown electromagnetic radiation levels from wireless signals all the time.

Do you ever ask yourself: “Is Wi-Fi Actually Safe?” at these levels? Is it Safe?

Now things can become controversial. There are two very extreme opinions when people talk about Wi-Fi. Some say that it is unquestionably safe and they enjoy the idea of “smart” houses where everything works on Wi-Fi and the other side wants to make a Faraday Cage around them. The real truth is that there is something in-between.

Understand the Wi-Fi Effects

Wi-Fi will not be the reason for diagnosable illness. Because of this, a lot of people think that it does not have effect at all. However, it can impede with our bodily functions that can eventually become a diseases such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases after exposure for a long time.

Since these are complex diseases which develop through decades, it is very hard to decisively show that the raise in wireless signal exposures can directly be the reason for the diseases. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) thinks that wireless radiation like a class 2B possible carcinogen because of limited evidence. The number of studies is small and they lean and want to show that electromagnetic radiations, such as Wi-Fi, are dangerous.

In the Lancet article that outlines all their considerations, that IARC states which epidemiological studies which follow humans who are using Wi-Fi and mobile phones for a couple of years are not conclusive. But, rodent studies which follow the animals in their lifetime find which wireless radiation is not the reason for cancer or that it can worsen cancer prognosis. All of these animal studies additionally observed other brain changes and the blood-brain barrier among animals which are exposed to the radiation.

The limited evidence in humans can be why regulators are saying that this kind of radiation is not dangerous. However, certain anecdotal evidence, including how Canadian families in Ontario are observing brain fogs and headaches in their children, say that Wi-Fi is not healthy, and that is why children should stay away from it.

What is more important is children protection and developing fetuses from radiation as their growing and small are very vulnerable to radiation. A lot of products on the market want to help in babies’ protection in utero from the Wi-Fi radiation.

5 Ways to Reduce Wi-Fi Exposure

The first thing is to Wi-Fi as much as you can, especially until there is more information on its effects. The pro-Wi-Fi crowd can scoff at the idea that everything can be possibly dangerous about it, but in the past we thought that smoking is okay too.

Even though it is not be possible everyone in your family to be on board, there are a lot of ways to reduce exposure and everyone to be happy, such as:

1. Turn the Wi-Fi off before you go to bed

During bed time everyone should sleep, and the Wi-Fi signal can interfere with the brain, that means it is a good idea to turn the Wi-Fi off before you go to bed. This way your body will rest deeply. When you turn the Wi-Fi off during night, you will cut down the exposure by 33%. Besides the Wi-Fi you should turn the internet off as well.

Additionally, since a lot of people browse the internet during night, a lot of people say that if you have a Wi-Fi curfew you can improve your marriage since you will be spending more time with your spouse.

A lot of router models do not have features which will make that possible and you won’t be able to turn it off automatically and turn it back on at the same time day by day that is going to be useful for this purpose.

2. Turn on Wi-Fi Router Only When in Use

If you and your family want to give up the Wi-Fi, but you still want to connect certain some devices occasionally, you should have an option to switch the router, because this will reduce the Wi-Fi exposure for a couple of hours daily.,

3. Give up Wireless and Hardwire All Your Connections

If you give up the Wi-Fi completely you will make the healthiest decision. It might sound daunting, and yet it is possible and can mitigate few health problems. Additionally, you will enjoy faster and more consistent internet. It is a lot more work and not everyone can do it, but you should try.

You will have to choose couple of affordable tools, such as:

• Ethernet hub – if you have one that does not have enough ports for all your devices. You can plug it in an existing hub which you already have and you will expand the port number.
• Long Ethernet cables – if you want everyone to be able to connect from anywhere in the house.
• Ethernet adaptors – you will be able to connect devices which do not Ethernet ports, such as computers, tablets, smart phones.

You can also use wired peripherals such as mice, keyboards and headphones instead of using wireless ones in order to reduce the electromagnetic radiation exposure.

Dirty electricity happens when electronic devices have to manipulate the electric currents in a voltage and format which the devices need. This can make electrical surges in the wiring system.

Electronic devices, such as phone chargers, Wi-Fi Routers, and computers are able to produce dirty electricity that could be an important source of dangerous electromagnetic frequencies in the building.

If you want to mitigate this effect, you should install dirty electricity filters on the outlets in your home and work environment.

2. Earthling

Wireless devices will emit unhealthy positive ions and they will also interfere with the waves in our bodies, including the waves in our brain and the electrical system which runs in our cells. By earthling, the positive ions that are found in our bodies will be equalized with the negative ions from the earth that will mitigate the dangerous effects of EMFs.

In addition, earthling will allow to our bodies to be synched with the Schumann resonance that is earth’s own electromagnetic frequency which we can be exposed to. One Japanese study conducted in 2005 showed that the Schumann resonance might lower blood pressure and make certain positive health outcomes. If you sync with the natural frequency of the earth you will reduce the risks of Wi-Fi waves that interfere with our bodily functions.

It is simply to earth, you just have to stand barefoot on the ground every day for 20 minutes or use grounding shoes that have metal piece for earthling, or bed sheets which connect to the grounding port of the electrical outlets in your home.

3. Adding Negative Ions

Wi-Fi exposure may result in positive ions’ buildup in the body that may promote inflammation. That is why if you are constantly exposed to Wi-Fi and EMFs, it is also important to be constantly exposed to negative ions in order to neutralize the positive ions.

You can find a lot of naturally negative ions located near moving water, the beach or moving streams of water.

Additionally, you can also use a generator for negative ions or Himalayan salt lamp in the home in order to raise the exposure to healthy negative ions and mitigate the negative effects of the exposure to Wi-Fi.