Beets are very healthy because they have powerful medicinal properties so they offer relief in cases of numerous diseases and ailments.

Anthocyanins give them the strong red color and they have very powerful anti-cancer properties.

Furthermore, beets are rich in betaine, which has natural anti-inflammatory properties that support your heart health, and important minerals and vitamins including B-group vitamins and vitamin C, magnesium, copper, potassium, phosphorous, iron and iodine.

Beets improve the blood flow, regulate the levels of cholesterol and support healthy function of the liver.

Beets fight against anemia and detox the body. Also, they slow down the process of aging and also protect your blood vessels. These are very high in antioxidants, pectin and cellulose which a special kind of fiber that boosts the digestion. This healthy vegetable protects against fatty liver disease.

Also beets improve the performance, endurance and stamina during workouts, so they are very useful for athletes.
You can eat the beets raw, cooked, juiced and baked. But you shouldn’t throw the leaves away – you can cook them because they are very high in potassium (644 miligrams per half a cup).

Numerous studies have found that consuming potassium-rich foods and the eliminating sodium can significantly lower the risks of heart diseases and stroke risk by 21 prercent.