It is really difficult to make your eyebrows look perfect, since they need to be well-shaped to look great. According to the makeup artist Cyndle Komarovski, this is how you can make your eyebrows pretty:

1. Plucking the eyebrows

Messy eyebrows

If you do not pluck and groom your eyebrows they will look messy and unkempt. The easiest way is to use special powder and brush to shape them.

2. Over-plucking

Over-plucked eyebrows

If you have over-plucked eyebrows, fill in the sparse spots by applying powder or eyebrow pencil.

3. Too square eyebrows

When you have squared off the front parts of your eyebrows

By doing this your eyebrows will look fake. Instead, follow their natural shape when drawing them with your brow pencil.

4. Unshaped eyebrows

When your eyebrows are not shaped

If you want your eyebrows to be neat, you should shape them well. First of all, make sure to pluck the strays that fall outside of their natural shape.

5. Patchy eyebrows

Uneven look of the eyebrows

Make sure you apply the powder or pencil to the entire brow to fill in all its parts.

6. Blending the color

When you do not blend the eyebrow pencil properly

To fill in the eyebrows properly, draw a line and diffuse it with a brush.

7. When the eyebrows’ arch is too pointy

When you have exaggerated with emphasizing the eyebrow’s arch

If you want to have a high eyebrow arch, hold the eyebrow pencil against your nostril and then line it up with the centre of your eye. If your arch is too pointed it may look like you are upset or angry, even when you are not.

8. Eyebrows’ length

When the eyebrows’ tail is too extended

Never overextend your eyebrows’ tail, since it can create a droppy effect, drawing your face down.

9. Highlighter

When you are wearing too much highlighter

Outlining your brows with a highlighter puts too much of a spotlight on them. Instead, use a concealer which will be one shade lighter than the color of your skin.

10. Too dark eyebrows

Overfilling the eyebrows with dark color

In order to deepen the color of your eyebrows, use brow mascara.

11. Wrong color for filling in

When you are using wrong color to fill in your eyebrows

Choosing the wrong color, may destroy the natural look of your eyebrows. Instead, try using two different tones to get the desired effect.

12. Single line down the center of your eyebrows

When you use one line to fill in the eyebrows

To make your eyebrows look more natural, make sure you do not draw only one line down the eyebrow’s center.

Instead, use small motions to apply the brow pencil in the direction the hairs are growing.