In fact, all of us start to engage in the process of self-development, only when we pass through some experiences, which create a lot of suppressed negative emotions, which can appear in the early childhood, or even in the prenatal period.

We are not aware of these vogue emotions, because we do not know their real causes. Sometimes, we are not aware of all these emotions, because the life is too short, so we often suppress them with the intention to eliminate them completely.

This especially happens when we seek for sedatives and antidepressants, which is the best way to suppress our emotions, or to forget something, as well as the best way to experience some suppressed traumas. Each disease represents a reply of the overall energy of the human body, or a reply of our emotions and thoughts. Only 1 % of our life consists of experiences, whereas the other 99 % consist of reactions to those experiences.

Actually, we are processing and welding certain life shocks throughout all our life. Objectively, what we see as shocks are actually life lessons and challenges, which focus on ourselves, signifying that we cannot go ahead until we accept ourselves.

In the early childhood, we are very sensitive, open-minded and what our parents think and feel, we take it as a program, in the same way as we have taken genetic inheritance. So, we are not a blank paper, we come on this world as programmed information. As a result of this, these programs are our life choices, so we choose such partners who will hurt us and eat such food which will harm us.

There are a lot of cases when a baby has got a brain tumor or other incurable disease, and many will wonder how a baby could think or suppress an emotion to get on a disease.

Cancer is closely related to the subconscious desire for death – in some situations we react as we want to die, to disappear, because we are not able to face up with some life lessons. These thoughts feed the brain automatically. What we have to know is that our brain absorbs all these thoughts very easily, but hardly forgets them. That is why we constantly think about one thing, which we cannot forget.

Diseases always attack the weakest parts of the human body, or the parts where the negative emotions have accumulated as well as the desire to forget, to suppress them. We do not lose our sight due to age, but due to some obvious things that we do not want to see, and we lose your sight unconsciously and get away from the reality. When we twist the truth, we have our own vision, etc. our inner sight will be blurred, and the result will be the loss of the external sight. The heart suffers from suppressed emotions which we were scared to show, the liver absorbs anger, whereas the stomach the unprocessed contents, which we were not able to process and to reconcile with, as a result of which we have gastritis and ulcer. When we get an ulcer, we have to carefully choose what kind of food we eat, which actually represents the need of control and selection at an emotional level. The thyroid gland is full of unsaid words, or generally the disorder of the thyroid gland or the throat chakra is caused by communication and verbal expression.

In addition, only when we completely destroy our body, we become aware that we need to avoid stress; the doctor has prohibited us consuming greasy food, cigarettes, alcohol, hoping that the medicine will help us to recover the harmed structures of the body, which will never happen. Medicines do not have effects on programs. Programs are information created by the suppressed emotions, which give instruction to the cells how to function. What do suppressed emotions represent?

They are similar to Titanic, the sunken ship. When a boat sinks, it disappears from our sight, but it still exists. It is full of different people, happiness and sadness, love stories. Otherwise, when we are worried, or when we face up with negative and unpleasant situations in order to become relaxed, we take a sedative, and our Titanic sinks into unconsciousness.

We will feel relaxed, but it will still exist, even though we will try hard to forget it. Forgetting things or oblivion is to worst way of solving problems, so the ghost of the sunken ship will appear sooner or later, but it will usually represent invisible and unclear obstacle or blockade. In this way, we will feel that some hidden force hampers and hinders our progress, without being aware of its cause.

After all, when we try to forget some things in our life, our mind will take oblivion as a defense mechanism and it will start to forget things, and we will forget friends, responsibilities, birthdays and will become irresponsible and unreliable, so that no one will be able to count on us and we will fall into oblivion.

When the baby will find out the mother’s sunken Titanic, its first information will be consistent with the psycho-emotional state. When the mother is burdened with some negative situation, maybe she is in a fight with the father, or maybe she is hurt, angry, or thinks about suicide, death, etc., the child suddenly realizes something that he / she does not want to see, and unconsciously blocks his / her sight, or hears something that does not want to hear, and blocks his / her hearing, blocks some information in the mind, so that it leads to a damage or it is born with a heart defect, because it has blocked the emotions of the mother, etc. In this way, with completely healthy generic program, we will have a sick infant with a strong program of self-destruction.

When it comes to diseases, often the doctor, who treaties the patients, suffers from a heart attack, cancer, dies young, etc., and the others wonder how he was a doctor if he could not cure himself, or when a doctor, who drinks alcohol and smokes, advices his patients not to drink and smoke, or when a police officer fines people for crimes, that he also does. All our life choices mainly come out from our unconscious program, so some people are interested in sport, some in physical work, science, medicine and so on.

Generally, the teachers have the knowledge about or experience in some particular sphere of life, that we are trying to get closer, but it is true that we stick to what hurts us. Visible vices, like the doctor who drinks and smokes replaces the interior ones or like the doctor who treats other people’s hearts, but not his own. It is much easier to see the faults of the other people, but they always suggest us that we have trapped something inside us and that we should work on it.

So, the fact that we are doctors will not safe us from some diseases, which we try to treat in others. Simply, there is a certain analogy and cause, and if we are not aware of ourselves, if we do not take care of ourselves first, we are inevitable doomed to life drama and conflicts.