Dr. Colin T. Campbell recently had the biggest dilemma in his life. Namely, he was supposed to make a choice between revealing his scientific discoveries to the public, which may change the world for better, and his professional career. Even CIA agents visited this man to find out more about his discoveries. His colleagues had also warned him to stop his controversial researches. Moreover, he was also threatened to lose his job. However, despite these difficulties he chose to reveal the truth.

Dr. Campbell is a distinguished professor of nutritional chemistry at the well-known Cornell University. According to his findings the main reason for cancer and various chronic diseases is the consumption of meat, milk and fish. He even found a correlation between breast cancer and the milk protein, known as casein.

Although Dr. Campbell is a professional, he disapproves of the conventional diets and the stands of many celebrity doctors since his main purpose is to provide health to all people, including those who cannot afford any medical treatments or pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, the number of these people is still in increase.

According to Dr. Campbell, doctors are not nutritionists and they are not the ones to give diet advice since they lack professional training in that field.

Unlike other doctors, Dr. Campbell has spent more than 50 years doing his researches in publicly financed laboratories. Therefore, he made the decision to reveal his findings to the world. Accordingly, he emphasized that changing the diet can significantly lower the risk of developing various chronic diseases, including cancer itself. Moreover, these changes may treat cancer as well.

As reported by Dr. Campbell, the intake of animal products may activate cancer cells and its reduction lowers the risk of developing cancer. In other words, consuming food rich in proteins increases cancer cells proliferation and it also provides oxygen for the free radicals, which are the main reason for cancer disease. Taking this into consideration, Dr. Campbell suggests that the cure for cancer is in the plants themselves.

This professor also said he was raised in a conservative family that lived on a farm. During his childhood he believed that milk had big nutritional value. However, after he had started his academic career, he found out that protein diet among children in the Philippines contributed to the development of liver cancer. He was shocked when he discovered the very same thing in an Indian study. After having discovered all these things, he wrote a book on epidemiologic and diet studies along with his son, back in 2005.

Although he did not expect big response and approval from the public, he was surprised when his book sold over million copies and was even translated into twenty-five different languages. In 2013 he wrote another book, which later became a bestseller. In this book he explained why casein is the worst cancer-causing factor ever discovered. Even though his study was not approved for clinical trials on humans, some minor studies have shown that diet based on plants could successfully treat cancer.

Edward Giovannucci, who is a doctor from the Harvard School of Public Health, agrees with the Dr. Campbell’s claims. He also added that the mainstream diet is the reason for almost all health issues. However, according to him, the worst thing about the diets of people from the West is not only the fact that they consume casein-rich food, but also that they eat too much food.

Although Dr. Campbell has publicly announced these facts, most people still prefer to consume animal products. Contrary to public belief, that milk provides more health benefits than the soda drinks, some studies have shown that milk does not improve the quality of the bones instead it increases the risks of developing osteoporosis later in life. Cornell Chronicle expressed their interest in publishing Dr. Campbell’s research but they were prevented to do that due to a pressure by the Big Pharmaceutical Company on the small media and on the universities too.