Arthritis is a condition which can be manifested by pain, inflammation and join stiffness.

People who are in their middle-age, mostly people who are 50+ are the ones who can get affected by arthritis the most.

Arthritis can appear in more than 200 types and it can be caused by different factors. However, the most common ones are tear and wear of the joints, injury, age, infections, an immune system dysfunction and some diseases, such as Lyme etc.

The worst part is that arthritis can have a huge bad influence over your life, because it will limit everything you do. It can cause extremely intense pain that will affect your knees, legs or ankles. Because of this it is very important to treat it on time.

There are different medications that you can buy and they will help you to treat this severe condition. However, a lot of them can have severe side-effects.

That is why you should go for natural alternatives that will help with the healing process and they will reduce the symptoms. We present you efficient natural remedies that are able to cure and prevent arthritis:


Turmeric is a miraculous herb because it has amazing healing properties. It contains powerful anti-inflammatory qualities, it can strengthen your immune system and it will act like a potent antioxidant and prevent cancer.

In case of arthritis it can help a lot and different studies show that the best way to take it is in tablet form or orally. You can make tea or find it like a capsule.


The Boswellia oil is produced by the gum of the Boswellia tree that comes from India. Different health practitioners are using this wonderful natural oil because it has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

This oil can block leukotriene – a substance that attacks healthy joints if there is an autoimmune diseases and it causes arthritis. You can find it like capsules, drink it like a tea or use it topically.

Green tea

It is extremely helpful as it contains antioxidants and nutrients that help with weight loss and it can improve the brain function. If you consume it regularly you can decelerate the start of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and is amazing for preventing cancer.

It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and all of them are very helpful for treating arthritis. You can consume it like a tea, tinctures or tablets.


It has compounds with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that actually make ginger so amazing. You can use it grated in tea, which will boost your immune system and it will fight against swelling and inflammation.

If you have arthritis, you should drink one cup of ginger tea daily and mint or lemon to enhance the taste.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is amazing for treating sunburn, eczema and different skin problems, because it contains strong healing and soothing qualities.

You can use it topically to reduce the pain. You can buy different aloe Vera oils, creams, and drinks.

Additionally you have to be aware that in case of arthritis you should be physically active. You can try swimming, yoga, pilates or walking. Follow a healthy diet, full of nutrients, oils and herbs.