You probably wonder how a great number of people get in for eating corn on the cob. The corn is a very tasty food.

A lot of people just boil the corn in water. Here is a new way of how you can prepare a delicious corn. It is a very easy preparation and it will show you how to cook the corn properly. You will be completely surprised.

Namely, chefs do not cook the corn in boiling water. Instead of that, they first wait for the water to boil, and then, in order to get better flavor, they add milk and butter in it. When the corn is cooked, it will be really tasty, because every kernel of it will uptake the milk and the bitter. In this way, you will get out of mess and you will not have to grease butter on the corn. However, the taste will be totally the same.

Have you got your own recipe of preparing corn on the cob? If you have, you can also try our recipe. Then, you can share you own, can tell us which one was more delicious.