Fruit orchards represent a small piece of heaven on Earth, and if you have them it can mean a dream come true, because you will be able to eat your own fruits.

The most amazing thing is having organic fruits in your home. The best thing is that even if you are living uptown, you will be able to have them, even though the cultivation process is a little e bit different. You will need space and couple of hybrid sorts.

Some people call them urban fruit trees or columnar fruit trees, but they can also be found them like Pillarettes and Minarettes. These amazing fruits grow in clusters, and their trunk is similar to a spire.

People love them because of their sophisticated appearance which fits in every urban area. You can put them at the entrance of the garden or you can use them for decoration of your porch.

If you have them you will be enjoying these perfect fruits and aroma as well.

How to grow them?

They are easy to grow. They will need USDA zones 4 to 8 and this means they can tolerate different climate conditions. Do not grow them if your hometown is located in extremely cold or hot conditions.

These trees require a lot of sunlight and continuous and regular watering. You should be careful, not to add too much water and the soil should not be very dry or very soggy and you should use a high-quality fertilizer.

The space between the containers should be around 2 to 3 feet apart.

Remember to 2 different sorts, because this is going to provide cross-pollination, which means tree will be able to fruit well.

Clip off the damaged and weak branches, which will make the tree stronger and you will have beautiful fruits.

Do this on a regular basis when the tree is in the early growth stage. Do not clip them too often once the tree is grown enough.

You may buy different nice sorts of dwarf trees.

Thompson-Morgan fruit has different tree collection and it is comprised of these miniature trees:

1. Cherry “Sylvia”

It gives wonderful pink blooms, and everyone will love it. “Sylvia” is going to be the best attraction in your garden.

2. Plum “Black Amber”

It will grow and give you perfect aromatic purple plums. Go for Ferlinain.

3. Pear “Doyenne du Comice”

It is going to grow tall and aromatic pears. You should try Quince A.

4. Apple “Gala”

The tasty red apples are very sweet, and perfect for making juice. The Rootstock is M27.

5. Apple “Golden Delicious”

These are great option if you want variety which can be stored for longer period after you pick them up. They do not need fancy cultivation. Go for Rootstock M9.

6. Starkbros columnar apple trees

You can also buy these tiny apple trees.

7. The Colonnade apple trees or Urban Apple trees can give you crisp apples. You can even grow them in one big decorative pot on the porch. A lot of people grow them in the garden as well. They are beautiful narrow trees that grow in an upright direction. The mature tree is able to grow for up to 24 feet wide and 10 feet high.

You will love the white and pink blooms in spring.

If you worry about the harvest, do not as we guarantee that there will be aromatic apples every year. You can use them in jams and sauces as well