You may not believe it, but you may be having more than 33 pounds of toxic waste materials in the colon! And this amazing green flax smoothie is the recipe that can help you eliminate it.

Since we all consume a lot of acidic foods, the colon stores great amounts of putrified waste materials. Numerous studies state that more than half of the diseases are connected to the digestive health – so this is no wonder. If the digestive tract is not working appropriately, the toxins that are should have been eliminated, are stuck in your micro-fine villi that comprises the lining of the intestines and are again absorbed in the blood stream (making us chronically sick).

Poor health of the colon results in indigestion, stomach distress, gas and acidity. Also, it can result in people not eliminating enough waste, when we need to be aiming for three bowel movements a day.

After cleaning the colon with the appropriate foods and replacing it with healthier one, you will quickly notice a significant difference in your everyday life. You will experience greater levels of energy, improved digestive health, and cleaner skin.

Coconut water kefir is excellent for improving the digestive health and restoring a healthy flora in the intestinal tract. Also, ground flaxseed is also amazing for boosting frequent bowel movements and absorbing toxins. Greens contained in this smoothie will help alkalinize your body and completely eliminate intestines. Bad bacteria, viruses and parasites avoid the alkalinity of greens, and will be immediately eliminated by it.

Consume it once a day for about two weeks for a complete colon cleanse.


• Two cups of packed leafy greens such as spinach or kale
• 4 bananas
• Two tbsp. Of ground flaxseed
• 1/2 cup of coconut water kefir or a capsule of probiotic
• Two pitted medjool dates
• 1 tsp. of cinnamon
• A cup of filtered water or coconut water


Put all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth.

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