Alzheimer’s is a horrible health disease. How can we help someone who suffers from Alzheimer’s? In this article, we are going to talk about Dr. Mary T. Newport, a pediatrician, whose husband suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, is his 50s. Steve, her husband, had suffered from dementia before he found out that he had Alzheimer’s. However, he was in a bad health condition. Most of the time, he was very confused, he could not even take something from the fridge. He could not remember a lot of things, and later, after several days, he remembered them.

His parietal and frontal lobes of the brain as well as his amygdale and hippocampus were thoroughly damaged. He had lost his short-term memory, even though he remembered some things later. Mary believed that his diet may play a significant role in his health condition. Even though the doctors prescribed him medications, there were not effective at all. He started to lose weight quickly and become depressed, too. Also, he stopped moving and running. His wife decided to take care of him, and except the medication prescribed by the doctors, she read thorough other ways to cure him. She found out that Ketasyn AC- 1202 prevented the development of Alzheimer’s within three months. She studied this thoroughly and found out that it main component was medium chain triglycerides oil (MCT). When she realized that it was the coconut oil, she went to the health stores immediately.

Her husband took 2 tablespoons of coconut oil 2 times per day along with other food. He started to talk and was much happier after 2 months. After a year, he recognized his family and talked to them, and went for a walk in the countryside. What is more important, he could read, which was almost impossible with this type of disease. Even though he was not completely recovered, his improvements were noticeable. Mary stated that his husband was feeling better due to the beneficial effects of the coconut oil.

How does coconut oil work in the treatments of Alzheimer’s?

Nutrition is essential for the brain. It requires even 60 % glucose of what we ingest. However, the damaged brain does not require that amount of glucose, because it experiences impaired decline and cognition, as well as hypo metabolism. The ketones are formed as a result of the breaking of the fat inside the human body, and give energy to the brain. When the brain nerves and neurons are damaged, the ketones regenerate them. In some brain areas, the neurons do not take the glucose because they are resistant to insulin. If these brain cells come in contact with ketones, they will survive. When we starve, the ketones form, even though medium chain triglycerides may become oxygenized with the lives and produce more ketones. The long chain triglycerides represent 97 % of the fats that we eat, and they have 14 – 18 carbons, whereas the medium chain triglycerides possess 6 – 12 carbons.

The coconut oil is also a great alternative for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and drug resistant epilepsy.


In 2014, a study in Neurobiology of Aging has shown that coconut oil enhances cognition in adults with memory problems. Moreover, the study involved 20 people, who suffer from Alzheimer’s or similar health issues, and they took coconut oil and placebos. After 90 minutes, the people who took coconut oil had more beta-hydroxybutyrate (beta-OHB), which represents the strongest ketone in the human body.

Before the treatment all people who were involved in the study fasted, and their blood was tested. The dose showed 40 ml after half an hour of the cognition test and 90-minute rest.

Dr. Mercola stated that, according to Dr. David Perlmutter, consuming carbohydrates a lot and avoiding fats is the mean cure for Alzheimer’s as well as for healthy lifestyle. They both believe that people can fasten together with oil treatment. In this way, they will easily burn fat and reach ketogenic stage. In this stage, they will easily lose weight and keep their brain healthier, which is very important. If the ketones level increases, the acidity in the blood increases, too, which may lead to ketoacidosis, which is a serious and fatal health condition. To prevent the damage of the internal flora, avoid eating gluten and sugar.