This is a really efficient remedy for flawless and clear skin. Just mentioning age spots among women makes them worried without exception. A face covered in age-spots doesn’t just make the skin yellow and dim but it also makes you look much older. Today we are going to show you a great method for eradication of age spots which was tested and it was found that it’s really efficient.You can make it by using persimmon leaves and Vaseline.


30 grams of persimmon leaves,
And 30 grams of Vaseline.


1. Take some green and soft persimmon leaves, then wash them with water and dry them under a shade.
2. Next, grind your dried persimmon leaves into a powder and then mix them with the same amount of Vaseline.
3. Use this mixture to massage it on the age spots every day for fifteen minutes. Finally, wash your face with water.


Even though different skin types have different ability to absorb, generally after 15 days of regular use, you’ll notice your age spots fading. Reasons for including persimmon leaves:According to the traditional chinese medcine, Persimmon leaves are rich in amino acids, rutinium, vitamins, tannin and they can fight bacteria efficiently and act as powerful anti-inflammatory agent apart from promoting good circulation of blood and increasing your beauty and eliminating age spots.

Vaseline can retain the moisture. Also, it helps to increase the good effects of persimmon leaves on your skin.

You can also use persimmon leaves to prepare hot drink. This drink has great beauty-enhancing effects.

Benefits of persimmon leaves beverages:

1. For thirst quenching and body cooling.
2. Increase the immune system of the body against epidemic diseases and cancer.
3. To reduce the blood lipids, prevent coronary heart disease and hardening of the cerebral arteries.
4. Soften your blood vessels and boost their elasticity apart from regulating blood pressure.
5. It also acts as laxative, anti-swelling drugs and helps you lose weight.
6. Soothes the nerves, enhances the beauty and makes the age spots less visible according to the traditional Chinese medicine.