It’s really important to know that the foods that the body doesn’t manage to digest, is the real cause for great mucus accumulation in your colon, meaning that numerous toxins are accumulated in this are.

This can lead to headaches, fatigue, low energy levels and weight gain.

Luckily, there is an easy and natural way to clean your colon with foods that have high amounts of nutrients and fiber.

How to make a natural remedy to cleanse the colon:


• One green apple
• One tablespoon of honey
• A tablespoon of linseed
• A tablespoon of chía
• One cup of water


Combine all ingredients, except for the chía. Pour this mixture in a cup, add the chía and stir well.


Drink this natural remedy after you wake up on an empty stomach. Drink it for a period of one month.

Note: For better results, consume two liters of water daily to support the hydration.

Now since you know this amazing homemade remedy, your colon will finally be clean and you are going to lose ten kilos fast and in a natural way!