Tullio Simonchini, an Italian doctor, claimed that cancer represent a fungus, which can be treated just with baking soda. He has already used baking soda in the treatment of various types of cancer, and it has proven as 100 % effective method.

What is more important is that this cancer treatment does not represent a health hazard at all. The increased number of patients, who suffer from cancer, is a result of the oncology failure. Dr. Simonchini added that their task is to show that oncology is not able to give an answer to the questions of the patients who have cancer. They are responsible for finding the cure for the worst disease nowadays.

Cancer represents a fungus!

In the past, it was considered that cancer appeared due to malfunctioning genes, which indicates an intracellular disease. Nevertheless, Dr. Simonchini stated that he believes that cancer represents a fungal infection, with special cellular phenomenon. This statement, made by the Italian doctor, has shocked people from all over the world.


Carcinoma, in plants, is caused by fungal infections, just like in people. Namely, both in vitro and in vivo studies have already shown that the fungus always has cancer in them. Nevertheless, most of the scientists think that the cancer develops when the disease appears. Moreover, Dr. Simonchini thinks that the cancer is already in the fungus; they form the cancer, weaken the immune system and finally attack the body.

A great number of studies have shown that Candida fungus causes all types of cancer, and the histological structure of the cancer is a result of the defensive measure against them. The tissues become tired and weakened as time goes by, and they start to form unidentified cells. Dr. Simonchini believes that cancer represents ulcer, i.e. deformed cells reproduce and create colony.

Baking soda

The antifungal medications are usually not effective in the treatment of cancer, because they only attack the cells surface. However, fungal infections often last for a long period of time, because the fungal infection is much stronger than a bacterium.

Dr. Simonchini stated that he has already found out what can destroy fungal infections, as well as cancer. The baking soda and iodine tincture are the best treatment for all types of cancer. Numerous studies have already shown that baking soda has intracellular effects on cancer treatment.

The cancer treatment

Dr. Simonchini stated that he has already treated his patients, who suffer from cancer, with baking soda for over 20 years. A great number of these patients have thoroughly recovered, even though the doctors claimed there was no slightest possibility.

In addition, the most effective way to destroy a tumor is to use baking soda, which can be applied as intravenous injection for lung tumors and brain tumors, as enema for digestive cancers, or as inhalation for tumors in the top of the respiratory system. With local perfusion, we can treat subcutaneous, breast tumors and tumors in the lymph system.

In order to treat tumors in the internal organs, we should apply baking soda into the arteries directly. In addition, he also stated that each type of cancer should be treated with an adequate dose of baking soda. Moreover, in most of the cancer cases, the mixture has only to be salt, whereas for phleboclisis, we should use 500 cm. of 5 – 8.4 % solution.

The treatment lasts for about 6 days because during the treatment the tumors return the 3th and 4th day, and collapse the 4th or the 5th day. The treatment lasts for 4 cycles, and leads to weakness and thirst, without other negative effects.

To treat skin cancer, apply 0.7 % iodine tincture on the skin 20 – 30 times per day. Dr. Simonchini claims that the tumor will not come back again.

The main signs of Candida infection are given below:

• Irritability and anxiety
• Chronic fatigue
• Nausea and dizziness
• Obsessive- compulsive disorders
• Changes of the mood
• Chronic disorders of the skin
• Chronic disorders of the digestive system
• Starch and need for sugar.

If you experience at least two of these Candida infection signs, you may have Candida infection in its advanced stages, which may lead to cancer. Be careful and do not ignore these signs.

Treatment and prevention of Candida infection

You should check regularly the development of fungal infection. If it is not treated on time, Candida may lead to Candidacies. It may additionally lead to similar symptoms of other diseases, or it may cause leaky gut syndrome or intestine perforation. To prevent additional problems, you should avoid food that stimulates the development of

Candida – starch and sugar. You should avoid candy, bread, pasta, fresh fruit, and rice for some time. Moreover, you should include steamed vegetables and raw fruit in your diet, and grapefruit is also highly recommended. According to Dr. Simonchini, you should use aluminum-free baking soda to treat cancer effectively. You can buy it almost all pharmacies and health stores.

How does the treatment work?

Baking soda heightens blood alkalinity, which eliminates fungus. As a result of that, baking soda effectively disintegrates the tumor, which leaves it with no defense. For oral, stomach, rectal and oral cancer, use 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water each morning and evening for one month.

For this time, the tumor is effectively destroyed. The treatment should last no more than 3 – 4 weeks. The treatment, recommended by Dr. Simonchini, also includes intravenous injection. For better results, apply 500 ml of baking soda solution directly in the veins every day. Repeat this for 24 days, and then do a scan. Today, vaginal fungal infections are very frequent and, as Dr.

Simonchini claims, they represent the main causes of vaginal tumor and cervical cancer. To treat these issues effectively, you should wash the vagina with 2 tablespoons baking soda and 2 l. filtered water mixture. It will destroy the fungi that caused the infection and prevent them to come back again.