All children know the old rule that they should not speak to strangers, since strangers are dangerous. But what if a child is in potential danger? Then some strangers may help. That is why nowadays more and more parents are teaching their children a new lesson, which is known as ″tricky person″ concept.

Namely, Jodie Norton who is a mother of four children wrote a blog post that went viral. In her post, she explained how this concept helped her children to avoid potential abduction. According to her, while she was showering around 8:30 in the morning, she felt unbearable pain in her left ovary which made her double over since she was nauseous and light-headed.

Jodie further said that she took her four children and drove towards the emergency hospital in their small town. In a moment of foggy thinking, since she was still experiencing pain, she left two of her children on a bench outside the emergency to wait for their neighbor to pick them up and take them to school.

Jodie explained that the pain she felt was caused by a ruptured ovarian cyst. When her two boys got home, she discovered they were too late for school. She had thought that their neighbor would come from his house, to take her children to the school and she believed he would pick them up in about 5 minutes, but her boys were waiting for him for 40 minutes.

Then her children told her what had happened meanwhile. As Jodie wrote in her blog post, while her boys were sitting and waiting obediently, they experienced something they were previously warned about. Namely, they could have become victims to some perverted and freaky strangers.

While the two boys were sitting on the bench two punk males and an adult female approached them and asked for help. They wanted the children to go into a bathroom and try to convince another man to come out to receive a medical treatment, since he was hiding there from the doctor.

Although one of Jodie’s sons refused to help them, the strangers still insisted that the children should go into the bathroom and save the man’s life by telling him to come out.

Luckily, the strangers gave up and when the man who was in the bathroom came out, they all jumped into a car and drove off. At that moment, the neighbor showed up and the two boys were off to their school.

Jodie also wrote that she was both shocked and grateful when she found out that the tips she once gave to her children (about the safety concept and identifying tricky people), helped them to avoid potential danger. Her son told her that he had known those strangers were tricky since adults never ask children for help.

The creator of Safely Ever After, Pattie Fitzgerald, introduced the concept of safety and identifying tricky people. According to the concept, children should not be taught to avoid talking to strangers, since that is literally unavoidable. Instead, the parents should teach their children to recognize the tricky strangers and distinguish them from the safe ones.

This website offers tips for prevention and urges the parents to teach their children about tricky people. One of the tips advices the parents to remind their children that adults never ask children for help. Furthermore, it suggests replacing the word ″stranger″ with ″tricky person″, since it has nothing with the way someone looks like, but with the intentions they have.

Jodie shared her story in order to urge the parents to familiarize their children with this concept. She concluded that others could learn from this story and should try to establish the safety rules in their families as well.