It is completely familiar that if we want to have a well-build body, we have to be more careful what and how much we eat during the day.

Body Weight

However, in order to control out body vitality and body weight, we also have to take care of the time when we have the main meals as well as the snacks in between.

According to Michel Adams Arendt, who is a sports nutritionist, the diet does not only consist of limiting the daily intake of food, but it only consists of a permanent distribution of the food at several meals during the day.

– How often do you have to eat?

Different diets have different protocols for what we should have to eat, and we should not eat. Some of them recommend giving up the fried food as well as the sweets, some of them recommend eating only proteins, and some of them recommend consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables.

However, all these limitations in the daily intake of the food, can be more harmful for our overall health than useful, and not only physically, but also mentally.

Our bodies mainly take energy from the food we eat every day and give it away in a certain limited period. In case our meals are big, the body starts to accumulate the fats, but in case the meals are small, the body spends all the energy and has no power to accumulate the fats.

Mainly because of this reason, it is more important how much we eat than what type of food we eat.

– Having 6 meals a day is better than having 3 meals a day

When our meals are small, but are more often, the body can absorb the useful nutrients and to release the energy which is absorbing from the eating. You should have in mind that this does not mean that you should eat six hamburgers a day, but it means that you should have smaller meals six times a day.

You should arrange the meals according to the daily intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which is different for both men and women.


In case you want to found out how many calories you have to take per day, you should multiply your current weight with 25 for women or 28 for men. You should have in mind that this is the minimal number of calories you should take per day, in case you have no any activates during the day, or you do not walk at all.