We know that mangoes are healthy and nutritious to eat on a regular basis, and children and adults are happy to eat. They can be found in India and from there are big quantities which are exported from there into the world.

When you see mango leaves¬ they look like all different leaves – they are green. At the beginning they are reddish and once while they become green.

Mango leaves contain a lot of:

– Vitamin B
– Vitamin C
– Vitamin A
– They also contain a lot of phenols and flavonoids
– Have potent antioxidant properties

All of the abovementioned things are some of their qualities and now we will tell you more about their medical impact over our body.

1. Diabetes

Mango leaves contain a lot of tannins which are called anthocyanidins¬ and they are very useful for treating diabetes when it is in early stage.

The method of using mango leaves is very simple. You need to dry and then crush the leaves. It is a method which can be used for treating diabetes in the early stage or you can also use the infusion method can also be utilized.

Diabetic retinopathy and diabetic angiopathy are 2 diabetic connected problems that can be treated with mango leaves.

To get through with these problems you should follow this procedure:

– First, you should take one cup of water.
– Soak the mango leaves in the cup with water and leave them overnight.
– In the morning strain and just drink the water.

It is going to help you and it will reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

They also contain compound which is called ethyl acetate extract and 3beta-taraxerol. It is important as it can synergize with insulin in order to activate the GLUT4. Which helps in the synthesis of the glycogen and stimulation of synthesis of glycogen can help for treating hyperglycemia.

2. Helps for treating restlessness

Restlessness can happen because of anxiety and it a problem where we are not able to find a solution. In many Indian houses the entrance of the home has hanging mango leaves and the reason is restlessness.

You can use mango leaves for a bath or you can make tea as well.

It is going to refresh your body and it will treat the uneasiness.

3. Reduce the blood pressure

Mango leaves has hypotensive properties and they are very effective for reducing the blood pressure. It is also great for strengthening the blood vessels.

4. Respiratory problems

People who suffer from asthma, cold or other respiratory problems may improve their situation by taking mango leaves.

You can boil them and add honey and have a great tea for treating cough and problems which are related to voice loss.

5. Stops dysentery

You can dry and powder mango leaves and take with water 3 times daily.

It is going to stop dysentery.

6. Heal burns

In order to solve this problem take a bunch of mango leaves and burns them until they become ash.

Apply the ashes over the affected area and this will reduce the pain.

7. Ear aches

It is very simple method for curing ear ache. Just extract the juice from the mango leaves and add one drop in a spoon and heat it a little bit. In order to reduce the pain use them like eardrops.