Everyone has abdominal fat, regardless of how fat or thin they are. It is absolutely normal. However, if you have an excess abdominal fat it may have an impact on your overall health too. Fat can be accumulated either under the skin or deeper inside around the organs such as lungs, liver and heart. This is known as visceral fat which is very harmful even for underweight people.

Deep belly fat

All organs need visceral fat since it provides cushioning and protection for them. Too much of this fat on the other hand is harmful since it causes various diseases, including dementia, diabetes type 2, heart disease, hypertension and even cancer, especially breast and colon cancer.

The assistant professor of Endocrinology and Metabolism at Wake Forest Medicine School, Kristen Hairston, stated that fat which is stored in the body is still an active “body part” which may cause a lot of damage.

According to Carol Shively, who is a PhD pathology and comparative medicine professor at Wake Forest Medicine School, the body stores the extra weight, which it gains constantly, in pretty unusual places. The people who increasingly gain weight have their regular areas for storing fat already full, so the excess weight accumulates around the organs, such as the heart.

The excess body weight causes numerous health ailments. Recently, the World Health Organization has informed that obesity increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension and chronic diseases. The number of people suffering from this problem is rising and they seem unable to cope with it.

According to the recent statistic data, more than two billion people in the world have obesity. It means that 30% of the world population struggles with this problem while 5% of the deaths are caused by obesity too. This is alarming and signifies that obesity should be considered as a very serious issue that has to be resolved as soon as possible in order to prevent further complications.

People that struggle with obesity desperately try to find a solution either by turning to liposuction or strict diets. Although this is a serious problem there are still better ways to deal with it. In the following text learn how to prepare a highly effective natural remedy for dealing with the abdominal fat.

Firstly, you should pay attention to the types of food you are eating. This will significantly help you to remove the extra weight easily. Make sure you increase the intake of healthy food such as fruits and vegetables and avoid sweets and sugar as much as possible. Dedication and commitment are also needed if you want to achieve this goal.

Here is the amazing recipe:


• Cup of parsley
• Three pieces of pineapple
• A cucumber
• Celery

You should thoroughly wash all the ingredients and mix them until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Drink this healthy juice every day on an empty stomach. Do not add sugar or sweeteners. Drink it within fifteen minutes since it must not stay any longer after the preparation, otherwise it can lose all its nutritional values.

This drink will not only remove your excess abdominal weight, it will make you feel healthier and stronger too.