Banana is an incredibly delicious tropical fruit! Additionally, it’s rich in minerals and vitamins. It’s among the most consumed food around the world and offers us numerous healthy benefits.

Generally, it’s considered that banana has too many calories and people avoid it when they make a diet with low calories. But, moderate intake offers a number of benefits and it doesn’t provide as many calories as it is generally considered: 100 grams of banana have 90 calories. Bananas have more benefits than calories. Their bad reputation is probably because unlike many fruits they cointain less water.

Today, we are going to show you eight health problems that can be solved with bananas instead of treatments with chemicals and medicines.

The benefits of bananas

If you are still unsure about incorporating bananas in your diet, we are going to tell you what benefits they bring for your health:

• They are a good source of sugar.
• They provide minerals such as magnesium, potassium and iron.
• They contain beta-carotene.
• They contain large amounts of important vitamins: vitamin A, B-group vitamins, vitamins E and C.
• They provide carbohydrates and fiber.

Banana solves the following problems:

It regulates the blood pressure

If someone consumes excessive amounts of sodium, but have low potassium levels, the person will probably suffer from increased blood pressure. Bananas are a great source of potassium that offers the right dose, so in time, the potassium deficiency will be solved and the body will be able to naturally regulate hypertension. Consuming a banana for breakfast, every day, can solve this issue.

Improves the Mood and helps cope with depression

After a number of depressed patients showed improvements in their mood after eating bananas, scientists started to do some research. The results suggested that bananas contains tryptophan, a very important amino acid that when it goes into our body, it becomes serotonin. Serotonin is also known as “the happiness hormone”.

If you want to improve your mood, eating a banana will help. In just a few minutes you’ll feel relaxed and happier.

Whiten the Teeth

In this case, you’ll need banana peel. Take the inner white part of the peel and rub it on the teeth. In a couple of weeks you’ll notice improvement.

Alleviates Stress

The metabolic alterations that happen in our body when we experience high stress levels, significantly affects the level of potassium. In this case, eating one banana a day offers double benefits: on the one hand, tryptophan helps fight against fatigue and improves the mood; Also, it offers significant amounts of potassium.

Fights against constipation

Banana contains dietary fiber that is highly recommended for normal digestion and helps detox the body. This fiber is known as pectin and, apart from improving digestion, it promotes the elimination of toxins from the digestive tract.

One banana a day is great for treating constipation and,since it has probiotic properties, it also improves the health of the digestive system in general, decreases flatulence and alleviates bloating.

Alleviates PMS Symptoms

B-group vitamins help alleviate premenstrual symptoms: they can reduce the abdominal pain and prevent retention of fluids. Bananas will also improve your mood and fight against anxiety, and symptoms during those days as a result of the hormonal changes.

Strengthens the Visual Health

Vitamin A contained in bananas is really good for strengthening the vision. Your body needs a daily dose of vitamin A to prevent vision problem like night blindness.

Helps you Lose weight

Bananas offer a feeling of satiety. Additionally, because of the sweet taste, it is perfect for fighting moments of hunger and anxiety during the realization of your diet plan.