It can be really stressful to be in adolescence, because you will attend gym classes and the weather will be hot and you will smell a lot and possibly smell bad. In order to avoid that unpleasant smell, a lot of adults and teenagers use different antiperspirants and deodorants that actually neutralize that odor.

These days it is a universal rule and approximately 78% of the population has to avoid using deodorants because of their genes. However, they still do that.

The important thing you have to know is that sweat does not have a bad smell always. People think they smell because of the sweat, but this is not completely true because a bacterium which resides under the armpit can release this awful smell. The amino acids and lipids present in the sweat could be broken down easily, by the bacteria and they will become substances that have different smell that results in body odor.

During the last decades, the general rules for solving all problems with body odor are increased together with all hygiene routines. You can fight against smelly armpits in two ways – by destroying bacteria using deodorants that contain triclosan, or by blocking the sweat glands and destroying bacteria with deodorant that contains aluminum.

Certain medical experts learned that if you use antiperspirants or deodorants extensively they can have certain side effects. There is a research in process; however the claim had a huge impact on a lot of people.

The research was also made by academic people and the bacteria community wanted to make additional research on the microbiome in the body. The experts also call it a new organ system in the body, because it has a huge influence over the health. It can even cause C.diff which can be dangerous for your life or even less severe ones such as unpleasant body smell.

It can be really shocking because the methods for stopping the unpleasant smell are barbaric compared with this research.

Armpit and the ecosystem

The armpit has different natural bacteria that are naturally placed just like the gut. This part is heavily populated by bacteria and the microbial community does not really separate. Dr. Armpit says that you can find 5 times more diversity on your hand or two times more on your belly button.

Approximately 70% of all bacteria will go in 1 or 2 groups. The first one is related with the odor and the other is not. The gut can actually be destabilized by certain antibiotics or a food type and it will eliminate the good bacteria, while it will permit certain microbes to cause problems. It is just like the gut, they can appear in the armpit as well.

Any ecosystem has to make balance in order to be healthy. If you try and avoid all these products that can cause damage to the ecosystem you could reduce the smelly bacteria and get rid of them during a certain period of time.

It is not only a bad odor

The research about microbiome discovered that the entire body is related to the microbe community. However, people are still trying to discover how the gut microbiome can have an influence over the digestion and on our mood and attention as well. The link between the ecosystem and the body can be showed through the underarm part.

We should not act against the microbiome, we have to work along with them. Just start by using these simple tricks.

1. Use Only Mild Soaps: If your soap contains powerful surfactants such as SLS AND SDS or if you use castille soap, you should get rid of the protective sebum which is full of good fats which is used for skin protection. Using these soaps you will create a perfect environment for the good microbes.

2. No Aluminum: it is an active ingredient that can restrict the sweating. It is a substance which is usually related to different health conditions and other companies that promote the brand like natural use the word “aluminum¬ free” in order to show that the formula actually does not contain this dangerous and harmful ingredient.

3. Do not use Crystal Deodorants: you should always check the label, because these deodorants usually claim they do not contain aluminum. You can see ingredient which is called “alum” that is still a part of this dangerous potassium aluminum sulfate. This can be a greater option than other antiperspirants; however it is still full of dangerous substances and they are not aluminum¬ free like they claim.

4. Be Careful When You Use Strong Antibacterials: they are strong antibacterials and they are usually triclosan and parabens, that could have destabilizing effect over the microbiome on your armpits and they can also prevent the good bacteria development.