According to several studies there is a connection between chronic stress and various physical or emotional disorders such as anxiety, vomiting, nausea, depression, hypertension, stroke, weak immune system, heart attack and numerous serious ailments.

Unfortunately, nowadays people have extremely stressful lifestyles which increase the risks of developing serious diseases. In order to avoid the further complications people should find the right way to manage stress.

Some of the methods which can successfully reduce stress are yoga, meditation, massage, music and exercise. We offer you an old Japanese technique for self-relaxation which provides wonderful effects. It requires only 5 minutes and you can practice it anywhere.

Japanese people believe that each of the fingers is connected with different emotion or feeling:

• Thumb treats the feelings of anxiety and worry
• The Index finger treats overcoming fears
• The Middle finger helps you overcome feelings of rage and bitterness
• The Ring finger will help you treat melancholy and depression
• The Little finger supports optimism, manages stress and increases your self-esteem.

Follow these instructions:

The purpose of this technique is to balance your body’s opposing energy forces. Practice this exercise with one finger at a time. Wrap your next finger around the previous one. Hold each of the fingers until you start feeling the pulse.

To feel deep relaxation press the central part of your palm with the other hand and hold it for one minute.

This will help you to balance your spirit, manage stress and feel deep relaxation. For additional information watch the following video: