We are sure that you have heard about the amazing benefits of aloe Vera, and the ancient Egyptians refer to it like the plant of immortality.

In this article you will discover why!

Actually, aloe was constantly buried with the dead pharaohs, because it was thought to be a universal panacea. This completely fits, because a lot of cultures in the world use it like a part of their medicine. Aloe Vera is magic as it is very beneficial.

That is why we will give you a recipe for making your own Aloe Vera gel.

You will need:

• 6 aloe leaves taken from a healthy plant. If you use 4-6″ leaves, you will get a solid ¼ cup of gel.
• A sharp and clean knife
• Work surface and a clean cutting board
• One clean glass container, used for storage. It is better to use opaque containers that will keep the gel better than the clear once. The best way is to keep it in a dark and cool place – the fridge is the best option.
• Blender or food processor
• Spatula and spoon
• Paper towels

* Optional: rubber gloves for hand protection


1. First thing is first, wash your hands and remember that the other materials have to be clean as well.

2. Take 4 to 6 mature leaves and using a knife cut the largest and oldest outermost leaves, which are somewhere on the bottom of the aloe Vera.

3. Wash the leaves and the knife and add the leaves in a bowl. Place them at a 45 degree angle which will allow them leaves to drain their juice.

4. Slowly break down every leaf that is drains and remove the skin and serrated edges. If you wand you can make this by placing every leaf, placed on a cutting board with the concave side down. Slice the leave around the perimeter in order to isolate the lower and upper skin layers. It can be made by running the knife under the surface of the skin in order to remove the top layer, and do the same for the bottom layer. There is the – the aloe gel.

5. Keep it in clean jar, before your proceed.

6. In order to process it, add the gel in a blender or a food processor and combine it. Add vitamin C powder (the measurement is ¼ teaspoon for every cup of gel). This will preserve the aloe gel. You can also add grapefruit extract or vitamin E instead of vitamin C. Combine them completely and store it in the fridge.

7. You when you need it. Aloe can stay up to one week and with the added preservative it can kept for around 1 month.

For more information see the charts below:

Aloe is amazing and you can also see that in this chart as well.