Many people use aluminum foil for cooking, wrapping and even for treating some ailments too. However, there are some important things we should know about it.

First, aluminum is known as neurotoxic heavy metal which affects brain function and even causes Alzheimer’s disease.

Some experts believe that exposure to this heavy metal may cause enduring adverse effects, such as metal decline, loss of memory, coordination, balance and bodily control.

According to a certain study, using aluminum foil in cooking affects the bones, since the aluminum accumulates into the bones, taking the space of calcium and lowering its levels.

Scientists emphasize the correlation between respiratory problems, such as pulmonary fibrosis and using aluminum foil in cooking. It is due to inhaling aluminum particles. The same happens when grilling with aluminum foil.

Many people do not know that the exposure of aluminum foil to high temperatures causes this metal to emit its particles into the food.

A chemical engineer at the American University of Sharjah, Dr. Essam Zubaidy, after evaluating aluminum effects on cooking, has discovered that the food which was cooked in aluminum foil contained 400mg of the heavy metal.

In other words, if the temperature is higher the leaching will be higher too. Aluminum foil is unsuitable to be used in cooking or with vegetables, citrus juices and spices.

The World Health Organization suggests that recommended daily allowance for aluminum should be limited to only 60mg per day.