All people nowadays are fully aware of the harmful way the processed foods affect our bodies. However most of them still prefer to consume fast food, desserts and genetically modified foods.

Unfortunately, this kind of nutrition changes the pH level in our bodies making us prone to various diseases.
The normal pH environment in our organism should be alkaline so that all physiological processes can function normally. However, excessive consumption of processed foods makes the pH environment more acidic which weakens our immunity and makes the body perfect environment for disease development.

Alkaline foods

In order to restore your health you should be more conscious of what kind of food you eat. In the text below find out what are the most alkaline types of food and never let yourself get sick before you start consuming healthy food.

1. Melon – one of the greatest body cleansers whose pH is 8.5. It is rich in fibers and contains 92% water. You should consume it fresh.

2. Swiss chard – it is highly alkaline food which protects our bodies from bacteria, viruses and free radicals.

3. Olive oil – one of the healthiest foods. It is rich in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E.

4. Buckwheat – consume buckwheat in order to protect your heart and feel energized and satiated throughout the whole day.

5. Flax seeds – another alkaline food with anti-inflammatory properties and an abundance of vitamin E. It helps you to reduce the menopause flashes.

List of other alkaline food items:

• Garlic (blood tension regulator)
• Avocados (contain monounsaturated fats)
• Berries (rich in antioxidants)
• Broccoli (reduces cholesterol)
• Bananas (super food)
• Fermented foods (probiotic properties)
• Carrots (rich in beta carotene which protects your eyes)
• Grapes (contain multivitamins and antioxidants)
• Pineapple (good for weight loss)
• Alfalfa sprouts (good for keeping the hormonal balance)
• Grapefruit (rich in vitamin C and A)
• Brussels sprouts (prevent cancer)
• Cauliflower (substitution for bread)
• Seaweed (contain iron and reduce the pH acidity)
• Lemons (prevent and fight cold and flu)
• Spinach (fights iron deficiency)
• Parsley (cleanses the intestinal system)
• Oranges (fight cold)
• Cucumber (good for your skin since it contains 90%water)
• Quinoa (regulates the blood sugar)
• Papaya (laxative properties; removes the toxins from the colon)
• Mango (cleanses the colon)